Hempin it up! “Stepping it up”

 Retraining the brain. Positive thoughts..... positive thoughts. Living through Jacks cancer was routine, over three years it became our routine, yes & torture. The brain takes time to work in ways of a new lifestyle because that life you once knew was living in a world of fear and panic. We are now able to live, still with worry of Jacks disease but also with some ease that we were blessed and given this opportunity to share in health & wellness. This takes away the pain and being able to share our journey and now others stories of what they face through this horrible disease cancer. Every product we’ve created aids in healing. Sharing this is amazing and so gratifying. Now it’s not about blood cell counts, concerning cells, infusions, spinal taps, spending night after night in that hospital bed., crying every single day, living on edge. It’s about healing, customers calling saying how good they feel, talking about products, building products, education, now it’s happy tears, happy customers. This time last year we thought Jack was relapsing after almost 3 and a half years of cancer treatments..... Fast forward here we are a year later opening up our Hemp Family Health store!!!! Never in a million years did I think this! I mean come on never would you think your child would get cancer either right!? As I look back what we have accomplished I’m blown away by the growth & support. It’s been 9 months since our online web store opened, now we will venture to a store to expand work space & more ideas! What a complete wonderful, emotional, crazy, heartfelt, journey this has been.

 We transferred from Ohio to Texas to help heal our son. Sunshine ☀️ boosted his immunity and helped our Jack heal.  We gave up everything to start up our business, our belief in natural health products. To us it wasn’t giving anything up though it was survival. After all it was just things, we just yearned for our sons recovery. It was helping our son to recover & our family to heal and grow some more! Cancer creates lots of damage and more so changes your life and puts into perspective what is really important. What we did was followed a dream that was brought on by a nightmare! This only helped to fuel us to show the world what natural products can do for your health! We have worked so hard to get here! HelpMEHemp has done over 20 markets and looking forward to many more and educating everyone about natural health products! 

Opening up our health store now & being able to have personal interactions is what we are looking forward too. We will continue to share our passion for health foods & expanding all kinds of different products. Our store will offer all our products shoppable, education on them, i would love to start classes to build your own products. Plus we plan on integrating fitness, smoothies, art classes & yoga sessions, also a memory wall of cancer survivors & those no longer here with us honoring them. My mother passed away from cancer two weeks prior to our son’s diagnosis. We will continue our Jack gives back campaign with our first efforts going to the Kiera Kilbane foundation. Hemp family health will continue to work in helping others to heal & educate on natural resources for your health. 

I remember our very first review the customer came up to me in tears how much better she felt, now seeing the reviews grow and our customers we truly believe our path was chosen for this! Looking forward to helping everyone feel better.  If there is any questions or anything special you would like to see in our shop or ideas!? Please comment on my blog!  Many blessings, love HelpMEHemp, Hemp Family Health 🌿❤️ “Healing is Earth’s most amazing natural resource” 

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