Mama Had A Baby And His Head Popped Off?

As the majority of us within the United States and Canada are starting to feel the effects of Autumn’s lowering temperatures and damp air, we may also find ourselves eager to return to our yearly indulgence of warm apple ciders, hoodies by the campfire, or a pumpkin spiced craft beer.

Some of us become remarkably reliable meteorologists; accurately predicting next week’s forecast simply based on the state of soreness that resonates from our aging knees or thrown back.

Simply put, the onset of Autumn can provide some fervent enthusiasm or the ability to turn an old injury into a party trick, but it also brings an inevitable decline of natural vitamin D.

In a recent case study conducted by The Ohio State Wexner Medical Center [1], results confirmed that insufficient levels of vitamin D can result in weakened bone density, depression, hair loss, muscle pain, fatigue and tiredness, obesity, and a weakened immune system.

They call it the “sunshine vitamin.”

As enjoyable as puzzles with the kids, finally starting that book we promised to finish last year, or binge watching the last season of (insert popular show) can be, a lack of vitamin D in our bodies is simply... “no bueno.”

Our bodies naturally produce vitamin D when directly exposed to sunlight, so as the focus of our activities moves indoors and the sun hangs a bit lower in the sky, we need to find an alternative source of the vitamin to ensure healthy levels within our blood.

Makes sense, right?

After our son was diagnosed with cancer, Bob and I instinctively started researching anything and everything that could possibly improve his quality of life. There was nothing in our world that could be more important for us. We quickly learned how vitamin d was not only crucial for Jack’s health during his treatments, but just in general for everyone.

The more searching we did, the more we continued to learn about how adding plant-based nutrition and roots, such as dandelion, to a diet can produce overwhelmingly positive results.

Dandelions? ...Really?!

Turns out, the dandelion is more than just a pesky weed that creates a nuisance in your backyard. The root is a natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, alkaline protein compound.

Suddenly, I wasn’t so “anti-dandelion.”

I find it really neat to see how our customers incorporate our dandelion roots and hemp proteins into their everyday diet… from cold coffee brews to strawberry treats to making a simple breakfast omelette... the ideas now seem endless! Talking with all of you and networking different recipes and ideas for adding nutrition to your (and our) diet has been such a blessing. After years of struggling through cancer treatments and aftercare, we knew that we to do something to balance that yin with the yang.

THIS was to become the reason of why it all “happened to us.”

It became our purpose. It was our goal. And, it has since become our life.

To help educate others of what we were forced to learn, but most importantly, how that learning allowed us to live.

XOXO - Keri

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    Love the lime moisturizer and the seeds yummy too.

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