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Hempin it up! “Stepping it up”

 Retraining the brain. Positive thoughts..... positive thoughts. Living through Jacks cancer was routine, over three years it became our routine, yes & torture. The brain takes time to work in ways of a new lifestyle because that life you once knew was living in a world of fear and panic. We are now able to live, still with worry of Jacks disease but also with some ease that we were blessed and given this opportunity to share in health & wellness. This takes away the pain and being able to share our journey and now others stories of what they face through this horrible disease cancer. Every product we’ve created aids in healing. Sharing this is amazing and so gratifying....

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Yes 80% of your immune system is in your GUT..... what does this mean? We became very aware of diet and the immune system during our sons treatments through chemotherapy. Between no immunity and bouts of c-diff we quickly realized about fighting inflammation. What could we do to fight inflammation and boost his immunity? It all stems from the GUT so we got down to the ROOT of the problem. From chronic diseases to immune disorders scientists are searching the gut for the cure of all chronic diseases and here is why. Revealing the importance of gut microbiome. This is Home of the immune system “called the second brain”. Is your body producing enough nutrients to fight off inflammation which...

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