Vitamin D - Necessary

We quickly realized how vitamin d is crucial for immune health.  Being aware of this through our sons cancer treatment we started to study plant based nutrition and roots. We first learned of dandelion benefits and its great properties of antioxiants and vitamin k.  Vitamin K is very essential in carrying vitamin d.  Nature's natural root is considered a pesky weed. Dandelion holds extreme beneficial properties for bone health.

Soon enough we had the idea to incorparate these amazing roots with hemp protein. These roots hold antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, alkaline protein compounds.

I find it really neat to see how customers incorporate there proteins into diet. It is all very endless with ideas! From cold coffee brews to a omelette. Talking to people and networking ideas on how to get nutrition into there diet has been a blessing. For us we wanted to always help people coming off of years of cancer therapy that was our goal to help and educate others of what we had lived and learned.  


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