Help Me Hemp is finally here!

The time is finally here! It's been a long time waiting, I remember dreaming of typing this sentence in our blog site for Help Me Hemp. Our son's diagnosis was long and grueling much like a fog or are we really living this? Jack's diagnosis took much patience. In life you realize there is a lot of patience needed.  I remember our sons diagnosis the day we were told he has cancer the words echoed through my heart my mind.....For years we fought this fight to free our son of this horrible disease. Today here we are loving and living our dream to help others and seeing our son thrive and be healthy and happy. This day seemed far off almost like it would never really happen. The fight is always there to help Jack continue to stay healthy. Today we are here! Today we share "Help Me Hemp"! I remember watching my husband up all night working so hard on this site this belief and in the meantime circling because the thought of relapse and more testing was happening. Oh the emotions! Once you see a child fight cancer your life will change forever!  This only fueled us to create this beautiful site! This journey drove a passion for health!  From our hearts and our souls we Thank you and enjoy these organic hemp products!  

Thank You!!

Help Me Hemp!!!!!!  

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