The Hemp Seed Scrub (Warm)&(Cool)



HelpMEHemp's® Hemp Seed Body Scrub was created with love to purify, detoxify, and exfoliate your skin.  The combination of HelpMEHemp's® Hemp Seed Oil with grounded HelpMEHemp's® Hemp Seeds pulls out toxins and impurities in your skin for renewal and revival. Made entirely of guilt-free, all natural ingredients, feel soft like a baby again with reborn skin!

HelpMEHemp's® Hemp Seed Body Scrub is offered in two glorious scents.  The Hemp Seed Scrub Warm is scented with coconut and lime and the Hemp Seed Scrub Cool is scented with olive and fig. 

Ingredients: Organic Hulled Hemp Seed, organic Hemp oil, lime & coconut essential oils, sea salts, fig extract

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