Alkaline Magnesium Body Spray 3.3 oz



HelpMEHemp's® Alkaline Magnesium Body Spray helps cast your aches and pains away! Magnesium spray is made with distilled water and magnesium salt which is mined 2000 meters below Seabed in Europe and is the fourth most abundant mineral in the body, emphasizing its importance to your health's well being. 

Despite its importance, many of us do not meet the recommended daily intake.  Magnesium is needed to metabolize Vitamin D and Sugar.  Without magnesium, Vitamin D remains in a form that cannot be used by various functions of the human body.   Applying HelpMEHemp's® Alkaline Magnesium Body Spray on your skin will help you meet your daily needs and allow your body to both work stronger and rest better by regulating nerve and muscle function, metabolizing vitamin D, and boosting circulation.  Why not spray your joint pain and restless legs away?

Ingredients: magnesium chloride, distilled water

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