Hemp Seed Protein



HelpMEHemp's® Hemp Seed Protein is a sustainable plant-based superfood that superbly meets your dietary needs and will curb those hunger pains!

HelpMEHemp's® Hemp Seed Protein stimulates your metabolism and is one of the few plant-based protein sources that features all nine amino acids that we humans must get from our diet as our bodies cannot produce them on its own.   Just one tablespoon contains 4 sustainable alkaline grams of protein and holds all of the essential amino acids needed in your daily consumption.  It also offers detoxifying and cleansing properties and is a non-dairy, product, 

Stop your belly from growling and improve your digestion with HelpMEHemp's® Hemp Seed Protein.

Boost your immunity and keep illness away with just 1 tablespoon a day!

Hemp Protein Uses:

  • Sprinkle in Smoothies/Shakes/Juices/Water/Yogurt
  • Add to thicken soups
  • Baking/homemade health bars                                              
  • Addition to yogurts

 Ingredients: organic hemp protein 


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