Hemp Oil Roller Ball
Hemp Oil Roller Ball

Hemp Oil Roller Ball

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The pure essential oil roller ball blends from HelpMEHemp® are offered in 3 unique variations: Stress Away®, Sleep Well®, and Immune Booster®.

Each of these specialized blends are crowned by a stainless steel metal roller ball, which immensely improves the product's durability over time when compared to those containing a lesser plastic roller. Also, the smooth glide of the steel ball allows for a more fluid motion and consistent application.

These variations include a multitude of beneficial ingredients that aid in the relief of anxiety and tension, insomnia, restlessness, depleted metabolism or weakened protection against routine or seasonal ailments.

HelpMEHemp® fuses therapeutic-grade essential oils with their signature Unrefined Organic Hemp Oil. Simply apply the product to wrists and back of the neck as needed to promote desired effect.

Each round, amber-colored, glass vial is UV resistant, BPA free, and FDA approved. Includes tall black roller cap.


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