This started today 7/29/19, when I was meeting a client/friend for paperwork. She saw me in pain having trouble walking and not having balance. I told her I have very bad neuropathy from me being a diabetic. I feel like my feet were in an ant pile and they were crawling all over legs and just continued to feel hot biting, it’s excruciating pain. I cried all night and begged for relief, my husband didn’t know what to do he just felt helpless. I heard about Keri and her helpmehemp products and gave her a call right away. Keri was closed but hearing the pain and desperation in my voice she opened for me and I thank Jehovah God because as soon as she saw me she offered me a seat and started to explain what she had to offer and without having to buy anything she asked if She could rub the oil on my feet and of course i did, I was in so much pain. Without a second thought she took my foot, a stranger mind you, and rubbed the oil all over my legs and feet. Next, Keri sprayed my legs with magnesium and rubbed it all in. I tell Everyone right now I stopped feeling the crawling and burning in my legs. I felt relief!!!!!!!! Omg I can’t express or say how happy I feel right now. Keri really wants to help and she cares about people! I feel Jehovah God put her in my path and I will thank him for that every day. People who have what I have or go through pain like I do will understand. It helps with pain as well as overall health. A healthy life style and I’m all in. Thank You Keri!