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Our Chiapas "Ambar"  is a smooth medium-roast coffee well balanced in aroma, flavor, and body with hints of dark chocolate and nuts brought out by the roast.   

Roasting type. Whole Beans: medium-dark roast suitable for any type of coffee extraction method. Ground: medium roast to enhance the properties on the grain

Variants: Whole Bean       

The Coffees from Chiapas State are grown in the mountains of the southeastern-most corner of Mexico and are known for their high quality, marvelous aroma and a peculiar chocolatey and nutty taste.

“Ambar” (Amber) is a very transparent, brilliant fossil resin found in Mesoamerica only in the northern and central highlands of Chiapas, where these amazing single origin grains grow.

Due to the geographical conditions influenced by its proximity to the equator, Chiapas coffee was also awarded the  “Denomination of Origin (DO)” since it produces some of the very best and highest-grown Mexico coffees.

Best moment to enjoy: any time.

Flavor notes:  nutty & bitter chocolate beans