Hemp Seed Fiber
Hemp Seed Fiber
Hemp Seed Fiber
Hemp Seed Fiber

Hemp Seed Fiber

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 Sold out also available for preorders. Hemp seed Fiber acts as a sustainable plant-based superfood that is Highly digestible fiber that is free of estrogen mimickers. (1) tablespoons contains 4 grams of protein and holds all the essential amino acids needed in your Daily consumption.  Consuming hemp plant fiber will provide natures most balance ratio omega 6-3 (3-1).


Hemp protein uses
  • Smoothies/Shakes
  • Thicken soups
  • Ratio Omegas 6/3 regulate repair intestine
  • Homemade health bars
  • Juice addition                                                        
  • Detox/Regulates Sugar from blood.
  • Non-dairy products
  • Addition to yogurts
  • Essentials vitamins 
  • Nutty flavor

See nutritional facts for more on Organic Hemp natural resource. 

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