Hemp Seed Protein3
Hemp Seed Protein
Hemp Seed Protein

Hemp Seed Protein

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Hemp seed protein is one of nature's perfect superfoods;  One tablespoon contains 4.4 grams of sustainable Alkaline plant protein and holds all the essential amino acids needed in your Daily consumption. Consuming hemp plant protein will provide natures most balance ratio of omega 6-3 (3-1).


 Graded Hemp protein uses:

  • Smoothies/shakes
  • Thicken soups
  • Ratio Omegas 6/3 regulate repair intestine
  • Homemade health bars
  • Juice addition                                                        
  • Detox cleansing products
  • Non-dairy products
  • Addition to yogurts


See nutritional facts for more on Organic Hemp natural resource. 

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