Grapefruit Magnesium Muscle Rub
Grapefruit Magnesium Muscle Rub

Grapefruit Magnesium Muscle Rub

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Help your sleep * sprains * Restless leg * Morning sickness * sore muscles * Growing pains * Arthritis * PMS * Stress * Headaches 

Nutritional lotion made with Magnesium Chloride * witch hazel * coconut oil * Olive oil * Grapefruit / Lavender

Without magnesium, the benefits of Vitamin D cannot be realized.

Magnesium is needed to metabolize Vitamin D. Without any magnesium, the Vitamin D remains in a form that cannot be used by various functions of the human body.

Therefore, magnesium is not only needed by the body for important bodily functions, but also to transform Vitamin D into a usable form by the body.

Magnesium and Vitamin D are known to provide many incredible health benefits. They also influence numerous functions of the immune system; including the regulation and prevention of hundreds of human genes. These genes include those linked to cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.