Hemptastic Wild Hair Treatment



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Enjoy this beautiful blend created exclusively by HelpMEHemp®! We combine HelpMEHemp's® Organic Unrefined Hemp Seed Oil with HelpMEHemp's® Argan Oil and rosemary oil to promote hair growth, and to relieve dry scalp, psoriasis, and other scalp ailments.  This hemptastic product will also help combat split ends and give hair back its vitality!

Apply once or twice weekly to your scalp and massage through to the ends of the hair. Let it sit for two to three hours and then wash, rinse, and style your hair as normal. 


HelpMeHemp's® Organic Unrefined Hemp Seed Oil offers nutrition to your skin by renewing cells and encouraging skin growth. Full of vitamins and moisturizing qualities, hemp seed oil is perfect for most skin types! By helping to hydrate the skin and balance out oil production, our hemp seed oil can assist with preventing or combatting dryness, blemishes, rashes, scarring, inflammation, and irritation all while nourishing your skin. HelpMEHemp's® Hemp Seed Oil is easily absorbed by your skin, does not clog pores, and will detoxify your skin for a fresh, new you! Perfect for balancing your skin tone, reducing those laughter lines, healing a blemish, or making your already perfect complexion even more perfect!

HelpMEHemp's® Argan Oil is in its purest form and is otherwise known as “liquid gold.” Argan oil contains an astounding abundance of Vitamin E, essential fatty acids, linoleic acids, and anti-oxidants that will truly transform your skin, hair, and nails! Our pure Argan Oil rehydrates and moisturizes your skin, softening dry patches, reducing acne, and restoring weakened skin, including stretch marks, cracked, calloused, or sagging skin, and scar tissue.  HelpMEHemp's® Argan Oil also provides a natural shine and restoration to damaged hair, contributes to the prevention of split ends, and supplies a natural rebirth to brittle nails. Let HelpMEHemp's® liquid gold Argan Oil be the yellow brick road that leads your skin home!  

Rosemary oil improves both hair thickness and hair growth, regenerates cells, and helps relieve pain.

Enjoy a gorgeous shine for a perfectly finished look!

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