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HelpMEHemp's® Maca Root Superfood Hemp Blend contains maca root, a natural antioxidant that helps maintain blood sugar levels and acts as a remedy for weakness, lack of energy, and fatigue. Maca root also increases sexual libido in both men and women. Maca root promotes the level of sod (superoxide dismutase) and glutathione, two major elements the body needs to overcome diseases.

For a blood boost, we add HelpMEHemp® Grade 33% Hemp Fiber with HelpMEHemp® Grade 50% Hemp Protein, along with maca root. This extra boost of protein and fiber along with the abundance of antioxidants in maca root can relieve consequences of free radical illness by protecting the body from inflammation, and renewing, repairing, and improving the immune functions of the body. 

Buy HelpMEHemp's Maca Root Superfood Hemp Blend today!  You'll be sure to thank us later for all that energy!



Ingredients: HelpMeHemp® Grade 33% Hemp Fiber with HelpMeHemp® Grade 50% Hemp Protein, along with Peruvian Maca root. 



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