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HelpMEHemp's® Pure Argan Oil is in its purest form and is otherwise known as “liquid gold.” Argan oil contains an astounding abundance of Vitamin E, essential fatty acids, linoleic acids, and anti-oxidants that will truly transform your skin, hair, and nails!

Our Pure Argan Oil rehydrates and moisturizes your skin, softening dry patches, reducing acne, and restoring weakened skin, including stretch marks, cracked, calloused, or sagging skin, and scar tissue. Our product is a dry, non-greasy oil that is quickly absorbed by all skin types, which keeps it from clogging pores or leaving behind layers of slimy residue HelpMEHemp's® Pure Argan Oil also provides a natural shine and restoration to damaged hair, contributes to the prevention of split ends, and supplies a natural rebirth to brittle nails.

HelpMEHemp® will stun you with our use of thick frosted glass to house the product, ensuring the oil's protection from any harmful light source. Let HelpMEHemp's® Pure Argan Oil be the yellow brick road that leads your skin home! 

Fun fact! The Argan Tree is indigenous only to Northern Africa, in the Kingdom of Morocco. Because of this exclusivity and the economic principles of supply and demand, the oil-producing kernels that are extracted from the tree’s fruit continue to be highly profitable and essential to the Moroccan economy.

The extraction process is key to the healing effectiveness of this natural serum and its purity. Not to be confused with “Moroccan Oil,” which is sold commercially due to it’s cheap overhead cost and massive financial gain for big-box sellers and department stores, “Moroccan Oil” contains many added ingredients, including manufactured silicones, chemically-enhanced supplements, and specialized additives for color, fragrance, consistency, or diluted volume. This inferior end-product has little to no healing capabilities that are typically associated with Argan Oil.

HelpMEHemp® provides customers with Argan oil in its PUREST form; extracted directly from the kingdom of Morocco, with only one ingredient...



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